Signs It’s Time to Elope

August 6, 2020

Let’s make something clear… there is no right or wrong way to get married. If you want a huge celebration, you should have the celebration you dreamed of! If you want something small and intimate, then have a beautifully private wedding!

The only thing that shouldn’t be compromised is YOUR HAPPINESS!

So if you’re starting to feel the pressure and the wedding stress is setting in, maybe it’s time to think about an elopement.

If you’re even pondering the idea, read our signs that it’s time to elope, and then decide! 


It’s Time to Elope If…

  • You hate being the center of attention and the thought of it brings you anxiety.
  • You’d rather spend money on a house or your future finances than a reception.
  • You’re really just ready to be married and could care less about the formalities.
  • You just flat out don’t have the money and could potentially go into debt by having a large wedding.
  • You are being bombarded with opinions and you feel like your wedding is less about you and more about everyone else. 
  • You find the intimacy of an elopement more appealing than a large wedding.


Okay, now picture this…

You’re overlooking a valley with a silhouette of mountains as your backdrop. You take your mans hand as a gust of wind gently blows your hair. Your aisle is made of wildflowers and 10 chairs sit on either side.


Then just elope already!! Do it for YOU!

Your wedding. Your decision. 

PS did you know we photograph elopements? 😉


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