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If you're looking for authentic photography, you're in the right place. We're Kayla and Erika—sisters who live to capture your love and tell your story through our lens, with a focus on wedding, couples, and senior photography. We're all about the candid, raw moments that make you, YOU! We're located out of Peoria, Illinois but we're always up for a traveling adventure. 

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Grace used to watch Matthew drive by her house on his motorcycle with his long hair flowing in the wind. We can only imagine what sort of cool stud Matthew had to be (and still is 😎) to have swept gorgeous Grace off her feet. And now, with a few inches chopped off Matthew’s hair […]

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What happens when two people from separate sides of the world get married? Let us tell you… the love expands and grows and engulfs everyone in its path! Kyle and Emily love each other so deeply. And their family loves so deeply. The pure joy and laughter from this day was just that… pure. There’s […]

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Part 1 of Kamryn’s senior session! We have loved getting to know this gorgeous lady! This soft spoken beauty was glowing for this session! But she’s all business on the basketball court, and we are so excited to capture her in action doing what she loves for part 2 of her senior session! Kamryn, we […]

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We had the best time exploring downtown Peoria and getting to know this awesome senior! Gabe is such a great teen. He’s a kick boxer and was telling us how much he loves the sport. So he def knows how to fight! 😉 That’ll get him far in life, especially as he has plans to […]

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Imagine it… you’re walking hand-in-hand with the love of your life on a beautiful pathway that leads to a gorgeous fountain in Savannah, Georgia. The picture perfect place to drop to one knee and pop the question. Sounds dreamy, right? WELL THEN… two police horses ride in front of you and drop a giant load […]

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