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If you're looking for authentic photography, you're in the right place. We're Kayla and Erika—sisters who live to capture your love and tell your story through our lens, with a focus on wedding, couples, and senior photography. We're all about the candid, raw moments that make you, YOU! We're located out of Peoria, Illinois but we're always up for a traveling adventure. 

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* T A Y L O R * This gorgeous girl holds a very special place in our hearts. Our families have been friends ever since we can remember. So we’ve watch Taylor grow up over the years and seeing her become the absolutely beautiful lady she is today is just everything! Taylor is on […]

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* S O P H I A * Boy, this girl has just stolen our hearts! She’s just the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She’s so true to herself and she’s so true to others, too. And clearly her friends feel the same way because you’re looking at the Dunlap High School Homecoming Queen! She […]

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T R I N I TY This girl is absolutely gorgeous. She has a tender soul who just cares so much for others. So much so that when we asked Trinity what her favorite part of the senior rep program was she said, “Seeing how beautiful each one of our girls were on the inside […]

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* A L L Y * Don’t be fooled… it isn’t just Ally’s bright blue eyes that makes this girl so beautiful. It’s her tender, sweet soul that makes her so darn love-able. She is all about helping her community and she has a deep love of animals. Since she was a little girl, she […]

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* L Y D I A * Just about the cutest farm girl you’ve ever seen! Lydia is your down home country girl who loves sports, the outdoors, and 4-H. She has the sweetest soul and the most beautiful smile! She volunteers at Central Illinois Riding Therapy, which is a non-profit that helps with posture, […]

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