Dannie + Cory

July 2, 2020

Birds sing a graceful melody as distant willow trees sway in the wind. The sun provides the most beautiful backdrop as your closest family and friends gather to watch you say “I do.” He wears a grey tux. She wears a flowy white dress. <– THIS! This is what it looks like to not let a pandemic rudely stomp all over your wedding plans.

Cory and Dannie didn’t have the large wedding they had planned. They didn’t have bridesmaids or groomsmen. They didn’t get married at their original ceremony venue. They didn’t have a huge party afterwards. But they did have love, and a whole lot of it! In the grand scheme of things, isn’t that all that truly matters?

Their intimate ceremony took place at a park just a couple miles away from their house. The day was perfect. And beautiful. And lovely. And just about any other happy adjective you can think of!

These two deserve all the joy in the world, and on this day, we firmly believe they had just that.

Congrats, Dannie and Cory! We can’t wait to watch you renew your vows and dance the night away in a celebration you certainly deserve. We love you guys!

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