Jared + Audry

February 10, 2020

When a girl sees a man standing alone in a bar, she tells (and doesn’t ask) him to dance. And when that same man proposes to that same girl, and her response is “Does a bear shit in the woods?”, you know she’s a keeper!

That’s only a tiny peak into who Jared and Audry are together. And let us tell you… boy, do they live to love and love to live. In case you can’t tell from their engagement photos, these two are SO MUCH FUN! From snow ball to whip cream fights, we had the time of our lives photographing Audry and Jared.

It may have been bitter cold, but none of us would have known… we were too busy soaking up the intense love and joy these two emulate.

We feel incredibly blessed to play a role in capturing Audry and Jared’s started of forever. We can’t wait until the day they say “I do!”… to see what crazy fun they’ll have in store for their wedding day!

Outdoor photos taken at Cyd’s in the Park.

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