Kyle + Danielle

April 11, 2017

Sometimes, two people just click. And this couple? Well, let’s just say they go together like a fresh glass of milk and warm cookies straight out of the oven. The camera was eating up every second!
At times, we have sessions where we wish we could photograph in that moment forever. Danielle and Kyle were so consumed in one another that they barely recognized we were there. It. Was. PERFECT! Every moment was beyond genuine. We were smiling ear to ear practically the entire time when photographing them.
For being early April, the weather was surprisingly cooperative, which made our crazy ideas seem not as crazy. These two rebels agreed to venturing out into the Illinois River for some killer shots! The reward definitely outweighed the risk (the risk being mucky water and unknown creepy crawlers). 🙂 Sometimes, crazy is good. And, plus, the Illinois River isn’t as scary as it seems.
This engagement session is just the start of something amazing. It’s easy to see the passion these two share. That love will flourish into an incredible life and a uniquely beautiful story that can only be told by Kyle and Danielle. Congrats to these two love birds and the life they are building together.
We hope you all enjoy these photographs as much as we loved taking them. Photographed in East Peoria, Illinois


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