Cheyenne + Bray

January 31, 2020

You hear stories about couples who never fight. Who have always known they found “the one” from the very first date. Who were undoubtably made for each other.

A love like that is hard to find. But Cheyenne and Bray certainly found it and it’s clear they treasure each other. 

They are seriously the SWEETEST couple we’ve met!  We haven’t had the pleasure of knowing them for very long (which we plan to change!), but they radiate genuine love, patience, and compassion. And their engagement photos show just how amazing they are together!

Their relationship has been full of romance, starting with their very first date. So if you’re looking for a first date idea that’ll leaving a lasting mark, LISTEN UP and take some pointers from Bray…

He bought a canoe to take Cheyenne floating down the Mackinaw River. HOLY SMOKES! Talk about a scene straight out of the Notebook. This was their first date, folks!

These two are so freaking adorable, that we wanted to share some of the comments they’ve made about why they love each other. Be prepared to grab a box of tissues, ya’ll!

“Bray is the epitome of dirty hands, clean soul. He always does the right thing and he doesn’t know an enemy. He is worldly, adventurous, and loves to travel and experience new things. He is smart in many ways but he is literally the most mechanical and directionally minded person you will ever meet.”

Why Cheyenne Loves Bray

“I really like how loving she is to all forms of life. Watching her walk the walk has definitely changed my perspective. For example, she gardens to feed everything, not just our family. She’s totally stoked when she finds out that rabbits are eating her strawberries. ‘We’re feeding the baby rabbits, Bray!’ That’s such a different way of thinking compared to what I’m used to and I love it.”

Why Bray Loves Cheyenne

Photos taken at Luthy Botanical Garden in Peoria, Illinois.

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