Preparing for Your Wedding: 6 Things the Groom Should Know

November 3, 2020

Grooms can sometimes get confused by the duties and responsibilities that befall on them before their wedding. Why? Because traditionally, the majority of wedding planning has hardly fallen into the domain of the groom.

So it’s easy to get lost in a sea of wedding colors and themes, or even decide on simpler things like a venue. But with the modern groom, things are different.

As a groom, there are key things you should know while preparing for your wedding. These “groom commandments” ensure you stay in tune with the style of the wedding, make work so much easier for your bride, and ensure “D-day” runs smoother than butter.

In this blog, we’ll explore 6 of these “commandments” that you’ll want at your fingertips. So, read on.

Match Your Suit with the Wedding Style

Since choosing the suits will fall mostly on you and your groomsmen, make sure your choice doesn’t compromise the wedding style.

The rules here are simple… if you’re going for a formal wear wedding, the classic tuxedo, blended with a notch, peak lapel, or shawl will be perfect. But if you want something less traditional, then shades of gray or navy blue can work very well.

On the other hand, some grooms have an affinity towards slim-fit silhouettes. And for those planning a beach wedding or destination wedding, tan, lighter gray, or jacket-less tuxedos work great. Or spice things up with suspenders. The options are endless!

Don’t Leave Out the Photographer

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hassles of preparing for your wedding day that you forget one of the most important people in the entourage – your photographer. And our job as your photographer should not start at the aisle.

Instead, day of, you should engage with us as early as possible. Ideally, we should be ready to take shots as early as the morning of your wedding.

This allows us to take rich and organic shots of you and your team preparing for the big day. In turn, you get a perfect photo story of the day and how it unfolded… from start to finish.

Plus, the morning of the wedding provides the perfect opportunity for you to take photos with your parents or those most important to you. This is something they’ll be yearning for given how busy you’ll be the rest of the day.

Consider Personalized Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Gifting groomsmen gifts is something traditionally done at most weddings. And personalized groomsmen gifts is the perfect way to convey your heartfelt gratitude to your groomsmen who you’ve chosen to help you prepare and celebrate the most memorable day of your life.

In most cases, you get the option of engraving each groomsman’s name or initials on the gift. This is done by vendors such as On the other hand, other vendors allow you to craft something else special like an engraving of a memorable location, name, or drawing on the gift.

It all depends on what each groomsmen prefers, which is one reason why personalized gifts tend to work better than traditional options. Not to mention, they’re more heartfelt.

Choose a Venue With Your Bride

The venue for your wedding is not a light discussion. This is something that you should take some time to sit down and discuss with your bride. Your venue selection will greatly affect other areas of your wedding such as the catering, date, ambiance, and maximum guest count.

The best way to approach this is to sort through a list of venues together with your fiancé. There are dedicated websites for searching wedding venues that can provide you with a comprehensive list of potential locations you should look at.

Your venue will also affect other logistics such as travel and accommodation for your guests. So, make this decision wisely.

Prepare the Guest List With Your Bride

Speaking of guests… you should also take some time to discuss who you want invited to your wedding. Try starting with the must-haves from both sides of your families before you consolidate your list and add other mutual friends.

Ideally, you should make the guest list first before you select a venue. The size of your guest list will be a great determining factor in the kind of venue you should get.

Additionally, you should hunt for a guestbook or guestbook alternatives for your wedding. Here’s a great starting point: Of course, wedding blogs and Google will be your best friends too!

Hire a Cleaning Service

No, not for your wedding venue… rather, your house or apartment. Let’s be honest, the days leading up to your wedding are crazy with last-minute tasks. The last thing you or your fiancé need to worry about is sweeping the floors or dusting bookshelves.

Even better? Hire the cleaning service through your honeymoon so that once you get back home, you’re ready to go back to work and resume normal duties. Believe us, your fiancé will greatly appreciate this gesture.

There you have it! Though your bride may take on the majority of the wedding planning process, you can still be involved in little or big ways. Don’t forget, it’s just as much your wedding day as it is hers.

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