Preparing For Your Senior Session

July 1, 2021

Before you throw that cap in the air, there’s one important and fun activity you must complete… YOUR SENIOR PHOTOS!! Because you only graduate from high school once. And this phase of your life deserves to be documented.

So if you’ve said “yes!” to hiring the Now and Then Sisters for your senior portraits, here’s how you can prepare for your session.

Bring Props

Love softball/baseball? Bring your mitt and a ball! Involved in band? Bring along your instrument and serenade us with a song. Book worm? Bring your fav books. Whatever you love to do, bring it to your session!

And just remember… you don’t need to be involved in extra circular activities to bring a prop. A leather jacket, skateboard, roller skates, a canvas and paint + brushes (if you love to paint), etc. We will find a fun way to incorporate any activity you love into your photos.

Be Comfortable in Your Skin

Being comfortable in your skin means wearing something that you feel good in. This is a special occasion so see if mom or dad will take you shopping to pick out a new outfit. Or if you have a favorite outfit, wear it! And you can’t go wrong with accessorizing… hats, shawls, belts, etc. adds so much variety to your outfit (and photos).

We also provide all of our seniors with a personal online styling service. It’s super awesome! All you have to do is answer a couple questions based on the vibe you’re going for and our styling service will take you to a variety of options. Use it as inspiration as you’re rummaging through your closet or purchase a new wardrobe using the direct shopping links that appear in your search.

Your confidence shines through when you feel good in what you’re wearing!

Want really creative photos?

We’re absolutely onboard! Bring powder paint, smoke bombs, confetti/glitter… anything you think would be a blast, we are all for (as long as it’s parent approved!). There are so many ways for us to get creative. Even in the location itself… a coffee shop, a lake and a boat, getting ice cream, just to name a few ideas. If you want to do something a little more unique for your session, just let us know!

Important note for parents

Help Us Make Your Senior Feel Comfortable

Parents, we know this is an exciting time for you and your graduate! We also know photos can be a little nerve wracking. We promise we will try to make your senior as comfortable as possible, but we need your help!

Sometimes when there are a lot of eyes on him or her, it can add to the stress. If you think your senior would be more comfortable if you hung back (possibly in the car), but nearby, please feel free to. Your senior is in good hands! But if you feel like having you around and part of the session would make them feel more comfortable, of course you’re welcomed to stay nearby.

We only ask that you please stay positive and upbeat. Please try to not be critical of what your senior is doing. Believe it or not, we’ve had parents criticize smiles, etc., which immediately depletes your senior of any self-confidence they had. So we only ask that you please allow us to do our jobs, and we will use our years of experience to get those genuine smiles and photos that you both love.

Make it a Special Day for Them

Your senior is likely going to be moving out soon (😭), so do something fun with them after the session! Make a day of it! Since they’ll be all dressed up, take them out to dinner or a movie. Whatever you guys love to do together, spend time doing it! ❤️ They’re growing up and these moments will be fewer and farer between. It’s the bittersweet reality of having your baby graduate from high school. So our last piece of advice, from parent to parent, is to soak up these moments and make the most of them!


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