Preparing for Your Mini Session

March 18, 2021

We are so excited that you decided to book a mini session with the Now and Then Sisters! (If you haven’t booked your mini and want to, head on over to our “Families” page.) These are quick and fun, perfect for capturing a few updated photos of this season of your life.

Since minis are such a fast pace (about 20 minutes), we want to help set your session up for success. We know photos can be stressful (we get it, we have families ourselves!), but we can work together to get the most out of your mini session!

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Allow Plenty of Getting Ready Time… And Then Some

It’s extremely important that you show up to your mini session on time. Since we book these back to back, we aren’t allowed much leeway in the schedule. Here’s what you should do the night before your session:

  • Google where you need to go the night before so you don’t get lost.
  • Coordinate outfits and have everything sitting out, ready for the day.
  • Decide how you want to style hair, what accessories you want to wear, etc.
  • Simply, enter into your mini session day with a game plan for the whole family!

Unfortunately, if you show up late, that’ll cut into your session time. We have to remain on schedule to ensure each of our clients are allowed their allocated time slot. Please please please, make sure you arrive about 10 minutes early to your session!


Instead of saying: “we’re getting professional photos taken.” Try: “we’re going to meet some new, fun friends!” If kids think they’re going to do something boring and “professional,” they’ll come with a less than thrilled attitude. Tell them the family is going on a little adventure.

The amazing thing about digital photography is we can snap away and get some really sweet candid photos if your children are camera shy.


It works! Bring fruit snacks or candy. Tell them they can have a special treat if they pose for a few photos. Or better yet, make the entire day special.

After the session, do something fun as a family… go mini golfing, let your children pick their favorite restaurant to eat at, or go get ice cream. Talk up the day and make it into something they’ll be really excited about.


If you have younger kids, bring a few musical and light-up toys, their favorite stuffed animal, a pacifier, or a sippy cup of their favorite drink. Bubbles are great too! They are a wonderful distraction and children have a blast with them. 


This is your life right now. Whether that’s a cranky baby who won’t sleep or a child you’re sending off to college. This. Is. Life. And it’s beautiful! No matter what, you’ll be so glad you documented this phase in your life. We can’t wait to see you soon at your mini session!!


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