Keith + Krista | “One Year Later” Session in Downtown Peoria, Illinois

June 8, 2021

When a pandemic prevents you from having the wedding of your dreams, you celebrate your one year wedding anniversary with the photos you never got to take on your wedding day.

So many couples have had to face some really tough decisions. Decisions that tend to steal away some pretty special moments. BUT all you can do when you’re given sour lemons is add some sugar and make lemonade. Keith and Krista did just that.

These two decided to recreate what Covid stole from them on their wedding day. And it was magical.

Capturing these moments for Krista and Keith was so special to us. They deserved the wedding of their dreams and to be pampered in every way possible. We know this may not have played out the way they envisioned, but it’s not the wedding day that determines the course of a marriage. It’s simply two people in love dedicated to doing life together, through thick and thin. And there’s no doubt in our minds that these two have the kind of love that won’t be easily shaken. That will stand the test of time and anything else thrown their way. Because if their love can survive the challenges of this past year, it can survive just about anything.

HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, KEITH AND KRISTA! Thank you so much for letting us play a small role in your memories! We hope you love your photos!


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