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July 16, 2017

I’m almost always behind the camera, especially with our clients, as well as with my family pictures that I attempt to take of my two children. My husband Mike and I are expecting our third child this September, and we are so excited that this little bundle of joy will complete our family. Since this will be my last pregnancy, I wanted to do something a little different and special. What better way to show off the last pregnant belly that I’ll ever have than with a maternity milk bath photo shoot! I must say, that I do feel really vulnerable actually posting pictures of myself, extremely pregnant, but I thank my talented sister Erika for capturing these for me and Kira’s Flowers for the beautiful floral crown arrangements and flowers.

Personal side note: to all of those mommas that want to have something like this captured while pregnant, please don’t let anything hold you back from doing so! I have to give myself blood thinner shots in my belly daily to prevent my body or my unborn child’s body from getting blood clots. With that said, my belly is FULL of bruises as well as stretch marks. But, I have learned that these bruises and pain that goes along with each shot, reminds me of the sacrifice I will ALWAYS make for my babies — to protect them from any harm. While the stretch marks remind me of the beautiful gift of life God has given me to nurture and watch grow. Us women are all different, unique, and beautiful in the way that God created us to be, so embrace those beautiful bodies! 🙂

Since Braelyn will be my only little girl, I just had to include her in some of these photos. 


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