Jake + Alex

March 12, 2020

Sometimes our friends know just what we need. Jake and Alex’s friend, Josh, knew they needed each other, long before they did. So much so that he tricked Alex into going to a party to meet Jake. At this point, Alex had turned down Josh’s repeat attempts of setting her up on a blind date with Jake. 


The story is really cute, actually… girl gets tricked into meeting boy at party, girl gives boy ride home, boy leaves sweatshirt in girl’s car, boy later meets up with girl to get sweatshirt, girl and boy fall in love. 😍

A couple years later they’re in Ireland saying “yes” to forever (and possibly to overcoming Jake’s fear of large bodies of water 😉)!

Now, that’s our idea of a happily ever after and the PERFECT ending to a friend’s mischievous plan.

Alex and Jake, we had SO MUCH FUN with you too!! From popcorn and pizza to snuggles and laughs, you two were a blast and we are thrilled we get to witness your love blossom. Pizza slice cheers to your happily ever after. 🍕

Photos taken at the beautiful Cannery in Eureka, Illinois.

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