Brenna + Justin | Maternity

February 17, 2017

I couldn’t think of anyone more fitting as parents than these two. My (Erika) dear friends welcomed their gorgeous baby boy into the world this week. Drew Alan was born on February 13, 2017 — FIVE WEEKS early! Drew must of been anxious to meet his mom and dad, and it’s obvious why! Brenna and I were coworkers at a previous job, and I thank God all the time for placing this wonderful girl (and her amazing husband) in my life.

Brenna and Justin, we are so incredibly happy for you! Drew is lucky to have you as his parents. I can’t wait to see who he grows to be and the parents you become. And all I can say is, thank goodness we took your pictures when we did!!! You have an impatient little boy on your hands.

P.S. Pregnancy looks darn good on you, Brenna **wink, wink**!

Photos taken at the gorgeous Jubilee Park in Brimfield, Illinois.  


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