Abby + Joey | Engaged

November 16, 2019

When you think of Disney, what do you imagine? Abby and Joey see it as a place where they can be kids again. But this sense of child-like joy extends far beyond their Disney trips and Disney proposal. (Way to go, Joey!!). They live and love by finding joy in everything. And, boy, is that apparent in the way they love each other.

These two love to laugh. After their engagement session, our cheeks were literally sore from the amount of times we were laughing and smiling with and at these two. They have the kind of love most dream of finding (and most photographers dream of capturing).

Everyone just wants to be a kid again. (And if you don’t, you’re lying to yourself!! 😉) Because being like a kid means finding happiness in the littlest of things and trusting fearlessly. Photographing these two was a much-needed reminder to laugh even through the hard times and that you don’t need to go to Disney World to find joy in the moment (though it helps 😂).

So today, be like Abby and Joey and find happiness in whatever moment you’re living in. And don’t forget to let your inner child out now and then!

We love you, Abby and Joey! We can’t wait to share in your laughter and joy on your wedding day!


  1. Nancy Herrera says:

    Your pictures are beautiful, I can tell how much in love you are 

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