A Sunflower Family & Friend Session in Brimfield, IL

August 18, 2019

What’s better than a sunflower field session with your family and life-long friends?!? This session made my heart so happy, and it was the beautiful people in front of my camera that made it extra special.

This family’s story is filled with love and a beautiful friendship, and I want to tell a little bit of their story…

Christy and her husband Ben are doctors in the Central IL area. They also share the medical bond with their friends from Uganda, Africa. Christy and Data met while she was teaching medical school in Uganda several years ago. Data also serves in the medical field in Africa as a pediatrician/physician with an interest in innovation and teaching. As you can see, their friendship has remained strong for 15 years!

Data makes an annual trip to the United States to celebrate Ben and Christy’s son, Michael’s birthday, and hasn’t missed a birthday celebration since his birth! But, this year was extra special — Data brought his lovely wife Celestine for a visit to the states. We were able to squeeze in this session since it was packed full of traveling, catching up with loved ones, and a birthday party the very next day for Michael. Thank you to this wonderful group for a fun evening, and I know you all enjoyed to visit together!


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