Jonah + Jena | A Rustic Barn Engagement Session in Chillicothe, IL

March 18, 2022

Jonah and Jena… their names just have that ring to it when you say it out loud. Like clearly their names are meant to be so why wouldn’t their souls? LOL!

We had the best time getting to know these two and the beautiful love they share for each other and pretty much the whole world. They are selfless in their love and share the love of Jesus in their missionary work.

They have the sweetest story that just tugs at your heartstrings. Jena unexpectedly lost her dad a couple years ago when she was in college. After receiving news of her father’s passing, Jena spent a lot of time in the chapel on U of I’s campus.

Jonah, wanting to incorporate Jena’s father into the proposal as much as he could, decided to proposal to Jena at that same chapel, which holds so much meaning to her on what was an incredibly difficult day. Jonah transformed what was a moment of such sadness into a moment of such beauty and joy. So beyond special.

We are SO excited for your wedding day, Jena and Jonah! We know your dad will be there every step down the aisle, Jena. We love you both!

Special thanks to Top of the Hill Event Farm for being such a beautiful backdrop to their engagement photos!


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