Cody + Rachel | A Romantic Engagement Session in Peoria, Illinois

October 31, 2021

Genuine love. That’s how we would describe Cody and Rachel’s relationship. They are so good together, and it shows. We meet a lot of wonderful couples. And we witness a lot of beautiful love. So when two people are perfect for each other, we can sorta tell. Cody and Rachel are absolutely perfect together. Capturing that genuine happiness and joy was so much fun for us! Also, they may have had the best champagne bottle pop we’ve photographed yet! Scroll down for some awesome reactions!

We really love to share our couple’s proposal stories, and this was so awesome written in Rachel’s own words, so enjoy:

What’s your proposal story?

Well I went to St Louis one weekend to visit some friends. I spent Friday night with one friend and Saturday morning I went to my friend Jess’s house. She told me we should get our nails done and then head to a craft fair in Forest Park. Sounded good to me! Keep in mind this was right after the February freeze/snow so no way there would be a craft fair going on. Whatever. We get our nails done it is a grand old time. She is texting her friend Clare the whole time, who she says we are going to meet at the craft fair. I know all her friends and have never met her. Still I am clueless.

We got Starbucks next and she was getting anxious that the line was so long. I was not understanding why she was so worried about it because she said the craft fair was going on all day. Ok we pull into forest park in a deserted area. At this point Jess is looking at walking directions on her phone and starts taking me down an unwalked path of snow. Again I am oblivious and I would be easy to kidnap.

We pull into a clearing and I see someone standing down a path of flowers by a frozen pond. My first thought is this is a proposal and I need to get out, I don’t want to be in the way. Well Jess directs me down there and I realize it is lovely Cody with a bottle of Champagne on ice and daisies leading to him in the snow. Turns out her friend Clare was Cody and they had been planning this. It was wonderful. Cody wrote me a poem and then got nervous and forgot it halfway through. Could not have expected anything better. On a side note as we were walking from the car Jess was secretly videotaping me trying to get my reaction once I saw Cody, however, I was just talking about how excited I was for lunch and what I wanted to order so she kept having to restart the video. Face palm.


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