Jake + Kristina | A Downtown and Riverfront Engagement Session in Peoria, Illinois

November 2, 2022

So let’s set the stage… imagine going on one of your first dates. A leisurely hike through nature, not sure where this newfound relationship is leading, but you know it’s taking you somewhere beautiful. (Not to mention those butterflies fluttering around in your stomach, not just on your hike! 😉) You stop to take a photo together on a bridge. Your very first photo as a couple!

Then a little while later, you fall in love and you go on many many more hikes! But on one of those hikes, you end up in the exact same location where it all began. And your sweetie gets down on one knee! Sounds pretty romantic doesn’t it?

Well that’s exactly how Jake proposed to Kristina. Jake clearly hit the proposal outta the park! We are suckers for sentimental proposals!!

Kristina and Jake are just so beautiful together and it absolutely shows in their photos! We loved every minute of getting to know these two better. We are blessed to have worked with Kristina (she’s a rock star videographer!), capturing beautiful memories together! Now, we get the honor of capturing some of her beautiful memories!

We can’t wait for your wedding day, Kristina and Jake! We love you both!!


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