Let’s make something clear… there is no right or wrong way to get married. If you want a huge celebration, you should have the celebration you dreamed of! If you want something small and intimate, then have a beautifully private wedding! The only thing that shouldn’t be compromised is YOUR HAPPINESS! So if you’re starting […]

The average person spends 100,000 hours of their life picking out what to wear. JK! We made that ridiculous stat up. But it certainly feels like it takes that much time. (Can we get an amen!) Especially when it’s for your engagement photos. Don’t fear! We have some killer inspiration coming you way, along with […]

Don’t sweat it. You’ll look great no matter what. Let me be totally blunt and acclaim what has already been proven by millions of women trying to lose weight: DIETS SUCK. I love ice cream, donuts, Starbucks, and mac n’ cheese entirely too much to give it up. But when I got engaged, I knew it was time […]

Meet Ryan Murphy! Ryan is the owner, hair stylist, and make-up artist at Murphy’s Salon and Day Spa. Ryan created a beautiful make-up masterpiece on our stunning model, Nicole featured below. “What excites me about the wedding industry is being such an important part of each bride’s special day. Every bride not only wants to feel good on their […]

The number of hours in a wedding day is limited, and as any newlywed will tell you: they fly by. There is so much that you want and need to get done in such a short period of time. One way to increase your flexibility and give you an opportunity to check important tasks off […]

I greatly underestimated the amount of stress wedding planning can put on someone. With that being said, I believe the majority of the stressful parts of my wedding are out of the way. But let’s not jinx it! Our wedding date will be on May 23, 2015 and I have booked the ceremony site, venue, and […]




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