Getting your engagement photos done should be fun and exciting! But it’s easy to be nervous about something when you don’t fully know what to expect. So we’re here to give you a taste of our process and what your session will look like. During your session with us, we want you to LIVE IN […]

You know when you meet someone and you just click? Like you were really good friends in an alternate reality or something? Well that’s how we felt when we met Claire and Nick. The four of us pregamed for their engagement session. 😂 Which was the best decision we could have made when shooting during […]

Getting married during a pandemic comes with a lot of unknowns. But one thing that has always remained constant, regardless of it all, is the love and undeniable excitement Joey and Abby had to marry each other. Covid ain’t got nothin’ on these two! They were surrounded by love in so many ways, though it […]

Sometimes our friends know just what we need. Jake and Alex’s friend, Josh, knew they needed each other, long before they did. So much so that he tricked Alex into going to a party to meet Jake. At this point, Alex had turned down Josh’s repeat attempts of setting her up on a blind date with […]

You got the ring (way to go!), so now what? Well now, the real fun begins… let the wedding planning commence. First, you start calling around to see what venues are available. Once you secure your date and venue, you work on booking a photographer. But holy cow!!! Why in the world are photographers so […]

When a girl sees a man standing alone in a bar, she tells (and doesn’t ask) him to dance. And when that same man proposes to that same girl, and her response is “Does a bear shit in the woods?”, you know she’s a keeper! That’s only a tiny peak into who Jared and Audry […]

When you love to travel, you find the most romantic travel-ess way to proposal to the love of your life. For Arnold, that meant taking Jenna to the water’s edge of a gorgeous, crystal blue lake in Banff, Canada and having her read the most recent entry from their travel journal. The entry displayed the […]

You hear stories about couples who never fight. Who have always known they found “the one” from the very first date. Who were undoubtably made for each other. A love like that is hard to find. But Cheyenne and Bray certainly found it and it’s clear they treasure each other.  They are seriously the SWEETEST […]

We had the incredible honor of capturing these two’s engagement photos AND family photos! 🤗 Talk about a special treat! My goodness, is this family beautiful! We had so much fun getting to know Alexis and Jake during their engagement session at Luthy Botanical Gardens. And just wait until you hear how Jake proposed… It […]

Oh my good golly gosh! Pop open a bottle of champagne, y’all! You’ll want to party right alongside this wedding group as you scroll through their images.  Trent and Alanna have the kind of love that radiates and touches everyone around them.  That’s more than obvious from their friends and family that surrounded them on […]




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