You got the ring (way to go!), so now what? Well now, the real fun begins… let the wedding planning commence. First, you start calling around to see what venues are available. Once you secure your date and venue, you work on booking a photographer. But holy cow!!! Why in the world are photographers so […]

Oh my good golly gosh! Pop open a bottle of champagne, y’all! You’ll want to party right alongside this wedding group as you scroll through their images.  Trent and Alanna have the kind of love that radiates and touches everyone around them.  That’s more than obvious from their friends and family that surrounded them on […]

There’s something romantic about history. One house can hold a wealth of stories dating back hundreds of years. You can’t help but wonder who lived there and what their lives were like. That classic romance, full of rich history and vintage furnishings is exactly what Alex envisioned for her wedding day. Alex and Josh’s wedding, […]

There’s something magical about rain. It’s cleansing for the soul. It’s necessary for crops to grow and life to thrive. But on your wedding day? Well… on your wedding day, you expect the birds to be chirping, the sun to be shining, and for everything to just perfectly fall into place. For Layne and Spencer, […]

“Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”                                                                  – Howard Thurman This was […]

Picture-perfect. That’s just one of a billion ways to describe Kyle and Danielle’s wedding day. When two people are in love, the atmosphere around them almost seems to bend time. You can feel the connection these two share, and it won’t be easily broken — of that we’re sure. Kyle and Danielle married on an […]

The air was crisp, but the time was right. Love had done its part and found its way into these two lives. But it was only the start of a journey. The start of something beautiful. And we knew, without a doubt, that this day was meant to be. Brittany and Brandon made their vows […]

Their eyes locked and it had begun. It was only the start of their adventure. Adventures come in many shapes and sizes. But their adventure? Well, it comes in the form of love, and it will live on for many years to come. Kendra and Chase live in the moment…there’s no doubt about it. They […]

One of the many joys of being a wedding photographer is being able to collaborate with some crazy talented local vendors.  This stunning fall stylized shoot was so much fun to be apart of!  The inspiration and creativity these artists have are so unique and special.  It’s these wonderful people that put in the long […]

NIGEL + MICHELLE  The sun beams flickered with the rhythm of the wind as it delicately blew the tree’s branches. As she walked towards her love, she was radiant. This was the day they had been waiting for. The butterflies were alive and well in the best way possible, and your heart couldn’t help but flutter as […]




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