Sometimes our friends know just what we need. Jake and Alex’s friend, Josh, knew they needed each other, long before they did. So much so that he tricked Alex into going to a party to meet Jake. At this point, Alex had turned down Josh’s repeat attempts of setting her up on a blind date with […]

When a girl sees a man standing alone in a bar, she tells (and doesn’t ask) him to dance. And when that same man proposes to that same girl, and her response is “Does a bear shit in the woods?”, you know she’s a keeper! That’s only a tiny peak into who Jared and Audry […]

When you love to travel, you find the most romantic travel-ess way to proposal to the love of your life. For Arnold, that meant taking Jenna to the water’s edge of a gorgeous, crystal blue lake in Banff, Canada and having her read the most recent entry from their travel journal. The entry displayed the […]

You hear stories about couples who never fight. Who have always known they found “the one” from the very first date. Who were undoubtably made for each other. A love like that is hard to find. But Cheyenne and Bray certainly found it and it’s clear they treasure each other.  They are seriously the SWEETEST […]

We had the incredible honor of capturing these two’s engagement photos AND family photos! 🤗 Talk about a special treat! My goodness, is this family beautiful! We had so much fun getting to know Alexis and Jake during their engagement session at Luthy Botanical Gardens. And just wait until you hear how Jake proposed… It […]

Okay, first things first… these two KILLED their outfits for their engagement photos! Holy smokes do they look amazing! Of course, the outfits only complement their adorable love for one another. Stir the two together and you get photos baked to yummy perfection. 😍For Jessie and Seth’s engagement session, we did a little exploring at […]

Imagine living 5 doors down from the love of your life and not even knowing it. That’s the small world we live in. But fate (and the internet) eventually brought Dannie and Cory together… exactly where they’re meant to be.Sometimes, we all need a little help from our good friend, technology. And thank God for […]

When you think of Disney, what do you imagine? Abby and Joey see it as a place where they can be kids again. But this sense of child-like joy extends far beyond their Disney trips and Disney proposal. (Way to go, Joey!!). They live and love by finding joy in everything. And, boy, is that apparent […]

Growing up, I (Erika) always dreamed of living in the country. To step outside as the last sliver of sun disappears beneath the earth. To gaze above at a navy sky, freckled with stars. That’s the life. And luckily for Josh and Alex, they’re living it! I may have been a little green with envy […]

You color my world…I love you a latte…Muffin compares to you… Yes, puns are cheesy, but they’re also AWESOME! And when it comes to this couple, well, let’s just say, they’re purrrr-fect together! Call us crazy, but having known Jill for almost our entire lives, it’s safe to say these puns explain Jill and Nick’s […]




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