Hayley and I (Kayla), have been friends since the 1st grade, which is over 20 years of friendship, and I feel really old for saying that! We met each other through Girl Scouts, as our mothers were troop leaders, and from our first introduction, we instantly became best friends. What’s so neat about our friendship is […]

THIS girl! She is absolutely stunning and has the kindest heart. I (Kayla) wish we photographed more senior portraits.  It’s so cool to be able to have a relaxed session, and focus on one individual and get to hear the latest high school trends (as I feel so old school) and talk with them about […]

I’m (Erika) a firm believer of everything happening for a reason and certain people being brought into our lives for a specific purpose. Doug leads a group of creative people at Pearl Companies, where I also work. But I view Doug as so much more than just a boss. He’s a mentor, a friend, an incredible […]

Bethany and I (Kayla) go WAY back.  We were the best of friends in high school.  We participated in the same extra curricular activities, ate at the same lunch table, and even did our homework together.  I cherished her friendship and still do to this day.  She met and married one of the most caring […]

I (Kayla) have SO many wonderful things to say about the Wrage family. It’s truly ironic how small this world actually is. Several years ago, Andrew and I were in the same communications work group when I was working in the corporate world, and little did I know that our paths would cross again. When […]

I am SO excited for my dear friends Bethany and Brad to bring their baby girl into the world this October! I had the privilege of shooting their maternity photos for them, and they are both just beaming with happiness, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their precious baby girl. They are going to be such […]




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