Blog Post by Kayla

What a romantic but fun engagement shoot! Aaron and Misty kept on saying how they aren’t photogenic, but by looking at the photographs, I’d say otherwise. Their props also made for some unforgettable photos, you’ll know what I’m referring to as you scroll through the pictures:) We went to Brimfield, IL to capture these lovely photos.


I can’t get over Misty’s eye color – so blue!

This was so much fun! Aaron is a police officer, so he brought along his handcuffs to include in some of the photos.


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Blog Post by Erika

I had such a great time photographing Erica and David’s engagement session on a family farm in Germantown Hills, IL.  As you can see from the first picture below, the farming was in process when I arrived.  In the picture, Erica’s mom was holding the chicken, trying to make them laugh in front of the camera – such a fun and sweet family!


One of my favorite photos :)

Another one of my favorites!
DE 65

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Blog post by Erika

This last weekend was one of the most exciting weekends I’ve had in a while –  I got to try on wedding dresses!!! I’m sure many brides can attest to the importance of that day. When the first wedding dress went on it was a fairytale moment but so very real at the same time. That was the moment of realization that THIS WAS HAPPENING!

Seeing myself standing there with a wedding dress on was a day I knew would eventually come but I can’t believe it is actually here. It’s exciting and overwhelming all at once and even though there are about 310 days before the “big day” (yes, I have a countdown…), that time seems so short in the scheme of things. I’ve waited my whole life for this moment and it’ll be here in  310 days!!! That’s less than a year. It’s almost bittersweet.

Tyler and I were talking the other day about how this time next year we will be husband and wife for about two months already. I’m trying to be patient and to live in the now and enjoy our time of engagement but it’s sometimes hard to do when the future seems so exciting!


Now a little more about my dress…it just so happened to be the very last dress I tried on. It was one of the dresses on the mannequin that you see as you first walk in. Both my sisters and I had been eyeing it since we arrived. When the dress pile of ‘try-ons’ got smaller, Kayla asked if I could try that dress on and sure enough, as soon as it went on everyone KNEW it was perfect! I can’t give any specifics about the dress because my fiance won’t see it until I walk down the aisle, but trust me when I say it is GORGEOUS! And I kind of owe it all to Kayla.:)

I found the dress I LOVE, I got to spend the day with my sisters and my mom, and Kayla took engagement pictures of Tyler and I, so I would say it was an AMAZING day full of fun wedding activities.


IMPORTANT! If you are a bride-to-be, please read this!

For any bride-to-be’s out there, you NEED to go to Country Lace Bridal Shop in Bloomington, IL to try on dresses. The people there are amazing, and they have a wonderful collection. Most of their styles come directly from Chicago. The most wonderful thing about this bridal shop is they measure you for your wedding dress (I know this seems customary for every bridal shop, but this shop actually orders the dress as close to your measurements as possible) so when you actually receive your dress MINIMAL alterations are needed, if any at all.  To add to the greatness, hem alterations are FREE! No joke. And those costs can add up very quickly. They are the sweetest people you will meet and they genuinely care about making you feel beautiful on your special day. They don’t have a website but you can contact them at, (309) 827-3133 to set up an appointment. I highly HIGHLY recommend them. This is where my wedding dress will be coming from and in about 310 days you will see pictures of it! Both of my sisters, Tarah and Kayla, bought their dresses from Country Lace Bridal Shop and we’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences with them. Give them a call!:)


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Blog Post by Kayla

This fourth of July was so fun!  My son, Wesley was able to experience the joy of watching fireworks.  My husband and I were curious to see how Wes would react to the fireworks.  We thought that he would lose interest a couple of minutes into the show, get scared with the really loud ones, or even fall asleep.  He actually surprised us both! He was mesmerized with those big sparkly things in the sky that made a big boom!  He wouldn’t take his eyes off of them and sat still throughout the whole show.  Most of you moms know how hard it is for a toddler to sit for a good thirty minutes and be content with watching or playing with one thing for that long of a duration.
To me, Wesley was more interesting to watch than the fireworks, I couldn’t help but smile watching him experience something new.   More importantly, I reflect on the importance of this holiday, the birth of the United States, how our “One Nation Under God” has treated my family and I so well with all of the opportunities that have been bestowed on us.  During this holiday, I also think about our soldiers; my gratitude goes toward each of the men and women serving our country and sacrificing their lives so my family can be free.   THANK YOU soldiers for everything that you do!
DSC_1265 cDSC_1259 c
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