Erika and I were very excited to photograph Emma and David’s engagement session.  These two lovebirds were so much fun to work with, and were up for any crazy idea we had to capture their photographs!  The location they chose was amazing!  We couldn’t believe how many different locations there were to work with.  As we were walking around the park, getting ready for our next outfit change, we discovered that one of Emma’s interests is baking sweet treats.  It was really special that they decided to include a couple of their favorite books and Emma’s baked-from-scratch cupcakes in a few of the photos.  As we were wrapping up, Erika and I were pleasantly surprised with a batch of cupcakes!  It was such a sweet gesture, and I must say, Erika and I had to have at least one of them on the ride home:) Congratulations on your engagement David and Emma! We are honored and excited to be apart of your wedding day.

David and Emma’s engagement session was photographed at Allerton Park in Monticello, IL.  If you live close to the park, I highly suggest taking a few hours to walk around the park, as it is breathtaking.

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Blog Post by Kayla

I don’t even know where to begin, regarding Amber and Curt.  These two individuals are such amazing, kind-hearted people.  Erika and I were so honored to be apart of such an emotional and heartfelt day. Not only is it utterly obvious that Amber and Curt are madly and deeply in love, but the passion for the couple and their love shined through their family and friends on a day that meant so much to everyone. We were honored to be apart of a day that symbolized exactly what true love means.

Amber and Curt’s ceremony and reception was held at Walnut Grove Farm in Knoxville, IL, which has such a rustic, romantic charm.  The bride and groom’s ceremony was lovely and the weather was perfect.  This ceremony was unique in it’s own beautiful way – Erika and I have never experienced a ceremony where the bridal party gave a blessing of the rings.  It was so neat to watch a few of the most important people in Amber and Curt’s lives pass a little prayer or thought to the bride and groom before the placing of the rings.  

The reception was another first… I have never cried during the toast and speeches, and let’s just say that there was not a dry eye among all of the guests during the best man’s (brother’s speech). What a beautiful day, thank you, Amber and Curt for letting us be apart of it! We can’t wait to watch your love grow.  

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Blog Post by Erika

Tyler and I had a lot of fun taking our engagement pictures! Kayla and I had received a few mentoring requests so we saw this as a great opportunity to, in an essence, kill two birds with one stone without having to hunt down models. During Tyler and my engagement session, Kayla and I did some mentoring for a couple of amazing people, wanting to learn more about photography. We had such a fun time explaining what we do and why we do it.

My fiance was such a trooper through the whole session. He was a great model and we got some gorgeous pictures out of it! It was a little strange for me, being in front of the camera for a change instead of behind it! Now I know how all of our clients feel when we have our cameras glued to their faces for an hour!;)

For those of you wondering, we took the majority of these pictures at Rosa Parks Commons on the Constitution Trail in Normal, IL.

Below are a few of our engagement pictures, enjoy!



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Blog post by Erika

It’s crazy to think about my life before nephews. I have four beautiful nephews (Wesley, Heath, Lukas, and Hayden) and our families couldn’t be more blessed! My life before they came into the world was pretty dull and boring, I have never had so much to look forward to and I didn’t realize it until after they stole such a huge chunk of my heart.


The newest addition to our family is Lukas Vincent. This little ham is about two months old, he looks just like his momma, and he is already starting to form a personality. It’s safe to say that time flies by quicker each day and I’m not happy about it! Lukas has started smiling and he laughed for the first time the other day! I know by the next time I see him, he will already have changed and grown in more ways than one. Each time I see him, he becomes more alert to his surroundings. He isn’t sleeping as much as he used to and that boy was able to sleep through ANYTHING. Cherishing every moment is so important at this age— before I know it, he’ll be running around with his brother and cousins not wanting to be held.

These little men bring such joy to my life and I can’t imagine living without them. Watching them grow has been so surreal and only displays God’s love and grace even more! They are literally growing like weeds and it amazes me how much each of them changes just within a week. I am extremely excited to watch these little boys grow into young men and to see what the future holds for them; but for now, I’m going to enjoy them being holy terrors and getting into EVERYTHING because I know the day they grow up will be here all too soon.

DSC_5895 c
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