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Gulf Shores, Alabama…beautiful beaches. LONG drive. I have to admit that the fourteen hour (or if Tyler is driving, 12 and a half hour…) car ride wasn’t exactly enjoyable but it was definitely worth it. The ocean is an amazing place full of endless beauty and such interesting sea life! I always love going to the beach, it’s the one site that leaves me in awe and wonder every time. The sound of the waves and the feel of sand between the toes NEVER gets old.


On our trip we spent some much needed family time together minus Kayla, Mike, and Wes, which was a major bummer. It wasn’t the same without them but we still had a great time.

Luke checking out his big brother  :)


Heath just showing off his big muscles!



Those blue eyes!!! 


Smiles for mama!


This vacation is probably a couple blogs worthy. I’m pretty sure I took 400 plus pictures (no joke), which I know I won’t be able to squeeze all into this one blog. But in a nutshell, we spent a few days at the beach, went to see the USS Alabama, ate some good food, watched sharks, sea turtles, and schools of fish swim around under the pier, did some fishing, and went for a few drives around the area, where we spotted a gorgeous rainbow! But mostly, I soaked up all the warm Alabama weather I could, dreading the cold bitter air that we were to return home to in good ole Illinois. It’s a funny thing, we left Illinois when it was 80 degrees and returned a week later to 50 degrees. If that’s not Illinois weather, then I don’t know what is. Good thing I packed a sweatshirt!:)

I spy with my little eye A RAINBOW!!!


Well, I guess I will start at the beginning…the very first place Tyler and I headed towards (in a hurry!) when we got to Alabama was obviously the beach. I love love LOVE the beach!! When you see the waves and smell the salty air there is no better feeling. It makes the long drive so worth it! We spent a few days at the beach and went fishing on the second day. On the third day Tyler and I went for an adventure to capture some pictures of the beauty God surrounded us in. The majority of the pictures on this blog are from our beach adventures. I will add some pictures from our other adventures soon!

I can’t wait to be on the beach again in another 8 months for Tyler and my honeymoon. That day will be much anticipated! Did I mention that I love the beach?!!!?

Well, to conclude this beach talk, I hope you enjoy the pictures of beautiful Golf Shores!


We stumbled upon this super cool bird!



What’s shadows in the sand without a kiss?!?!



Tyler gazing out into the big blue ocean, possibly contemplating life  ;)




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Erika and I were very excited to photograph Emma and David’s engagement session.  These two lovebirds were so much fun to work with, and were up for any crazy idea we had to capture their photographs!  The location they chose was amazing!  We couldn’t believe how many different locations there were to work with.  As we were walking around the park, getting ready for our next outfit change, we discovered that one of Emma’s interests is baking sweet treats.  It was really special that they decided to include a couple of their favorite books and Emma’s baked-from-scratch cupcakes in a few of the photos.  As we were wrapping up, Erika and I were pleasantly surprised with a batch of cupcakes!  It was such a sweet gesture, and I must say, Erika and I had to have at least one of them on the ride home:) Congratulations on your engagement David and Emma! We are honored and excited to be apart of your wedding day.

David and Emma’s engagement session was photographed at Allerton Park in Monticello, IL.  If you live close to the park, I highly suggest taking a few hours to walk around the park, as it is breathtaking.

DE 5DE 51

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